Lets make this easy
First time on track? no problem.

EMRA makes it easy to get out on track for your first time. Below is a simple out line on what to expect on your first day.

Step 1 – Registration

You will need to follow the sign-up instructions on motorsportreg.com and create and account. You will need to enter basic information about yourself, an emergency contact, and vehicle information. You will choose your vehicle numbers as well.

You will receive a confirmation email regarding the event. You are now registered.

Step 2 – Preparing for the event.

You will need a Snell 2010, 2015, or 2020 (SA or M) approved helmet.

You will need a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and shoes with no perforations.

Seatbelts must have a three-point seat belt with metal to metal mounting minimum.

OEM seatbelts or equivalent are acceptable in good working condition.

A properly installed four, five, six, or seven-point racing harness with a DOT, SFI, or FIA tag is also acceptable and recommended. (The restraint system is subject to the approval of the Chief of Technical and Safety Inspection the day of the event)

Tires must have adequate tread, with no sidewall cracking or bulging, no cords showing

All items MUST be removed for the vehicle including trunk, center console, glove box, floor mats, EZ-Pass, etc. Any portable electronics mounts (gopro, phone, gps, etc) MUST be tethered to the car with a metal tether.

Please download the track map for your event, the event schedule, and tech sheet for more information

It is mandatory to have your numbers displayed on your vehicle in contrasting colors and a minimum of eight (8) inches in height.

Your class should be displayed on both sides of your vehicle in contrasting colors at a minimum of four (4) inches in height.

Identifying your vehicle class can be done via our guide here

Step 3 – event day

The morning of the event

Registration will be held I a specified location on the track schedule (this location differs from track to track)

After registration you should bring your vehicle to tech inspection. This location will also be identified in the track schedule sheet. Tech sheet can be found here.

After tech its time to head over to the mandatory drivers meeting. The meeting with review instructors, passing zones, flags, and basic etiquette. At the end of the drivers meeting you will receive an attendance sticker and be sent to your first classroom session.

Head on over to our schedule page and begin running HPDE at our next event!

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