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As many of you know Mary Cox was the EMRA Racing Registrar for over 10 years. She dedicated countless hours not only at the track, but helping plan every event and attend (and even host) board meetings. Her dedication to our organization is one of the reasons it still exists today.


Mary needs our help.


Having skipped last years annual breast exam due to Covid-19, she attended this year’s check up with horrible news waiting for her. Immediately following her exam she was sent for more testing and it was quickly confirmed she has stage 2 breast cancer with other complications threatening to spread that cancer via her blood stream. A mastectomy is in order, but not until she can start and finish chemotherapy and radiation. We are told this is aggressive and we need to act with diligence which we are doing every day.


“We have always been proactive and healthy people but cancer is absolutely no joke. It discriminates no person or family; It slowly takes from her and our family little by little each day. It has only been 1 month so far, and although my dad and I are doing everything we can, we have a long road to go and we are afraid we can no longer do it without some help. She has these treatments every 3 weeks for the next 9 months or so. Insurance is helping with some things, but roughly $4,000 comes from our pockets just for these treatments alone.” Says Alexandra, Mary’s daughter.


This raffle is for a 2022 season credit with EMRA Racing. This raffle excludes Transponder Rental and License Renewal. Drawing will be help at annual awards banquet. 100% of proceeds will be donated to Mary Cox.