race rules

EMRA prides itself in running some of the safest events in the region. Please read these rules and regulations carefully, and let us know if you have any questions.


Snell SA2010 & M2010 or Snell SA2015 & M2015 helmets will be accepted. Please take a moment, to ensure your helmet is Snell SA2010, M2010 or newer for the 2019 season. The helmet rating can usually be found on a tag or sticker inside the helmet. Time Trialers may use Snell M or SA rated helmets. Competition racers MUST use helmets with a Snell SA rating only.


Safety Harnesses and Belts

Time trial cars must have three point seat belts with metal to metal mounting minimum. OEM seatbelts or equivalent are acceptable in good, working condition. A properly installed four, five, six, or seven point racing harness with a DOT, SFI, or FIA tag is also acceptable and recommended. Race cars must use five, six, or seven point racing harnesses with a current SFI or FIA certification. SFI belts are valid two years after its date of manufacture. FIA belts are valid for five years after its date of manufacture.

Racing and Time Trialing are exciting, rewarding, and fun. They do however, by their nature, involve risk. This
guide is intended as nothing more than a guide. Each entrant and driver takes upon himself or herself the
final responsibility of preparing a car properly, dressing properly, and acting properly when at the racetrack.
Each driver should be aware of the dangers of racing or time trialing. Each driver should be aware of the
imminent danger when on the course with other drivers.

This guide was written to clarify the minimum requirements for car preparation. By no means is this guide
the final word. The specifications published in this guide are the minimum required by EMRA. They are based
on currently available information, minimum standards required by other organizations, and the previous
experiences of EMRA.

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